Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Add Wallpaper to Google Homepage

Let's face it, a Google homepage can be a little dull without any wallpapers. Fun, wild wallpapers always add some excitement to your Google homepage.


  1. Go to your Google homepage.
  2. Browse to find a 'Theme'. You have a large number of categories to choose from.
  3. Choose a theme that you like. Maybe you think it is interesting, or maybe it describes your personality. There is also a search function available. When you find the 'Theme' that you want click on it and go to 'View Google Theme'.
  4. Go to the theme page.
  5. Select 'Set as my Homepage'.
  6. Read specific browser instructions. A specific set of instructions for your browser will be provided to add it as your homepage.


  • You can watch a video of how to set it as your homepage when clicking on 'Set as my Homepage'.
  • Requests can be made.

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